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    I love the Datalooper – such a great device. I’ve been using it without issues for looping in Ableton.

    Last night I wanted to add an expression pedal, and ran into some issues. I have a Hotone Soul Press pedal. I can get it to connect to an Ableton control via midi mapping – but the sweep of the pedal only adjusts the control in Ableton a small fraction of the available range. So it will do the maximum value of the control in Ableton, but won’t get to zero – in fact it goes to about 66%.

    Has anyone else encountered this?

    Are there ways to configure this?

    Does anyone have suggestions for expression pedals that works well? [Roland EV-5?]



    Hi Dave, can you check that the expression pedal range is set correctly? Most expression pedals have a little range knob.


    Hello – thanks for the reply

    Yes, I did play with the variable control on the pedal before posting here. It doesn’t really make any difference across its range, other than getting no movement in Ableton at the extreme bottom setting.

    The Hotone pedal is 10k ohm – 20k ohm


    Is that range different from other expression pedals?


    Hmm, it’s possible there’s a hardware error with the Datalooper board. There were a few units right when V2 was introduced that had an issue with the wrong voltage going to the EXP jacks (5v instead of 3.3v). I believe the symptom of that though was that the pedal would send out 127 at the halfway mark, rather than the full range. If you want, you can ship me the pedal and I can take a look and see if that’s what’s going on, or you can open the box up and send me a photo of the main board (vince@datalooperpedal.com) and I can tell you if that’s what the issue is (I can visually see if the 5v line is connected wrong).

    If that’s the issue, you can ship it in for repair or I can guide you through how to repair it if you’re handy with a soldering iron.


    Thanks Vince – email sent

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