Remote Script, Firmware & Firmware Update Software Packages:

Latest Beta (3.2) 4/14/2022 

This beta build fixes issues that some users were having with fades and unwanted clears while using CL loopers. To ensure everything in this build is fully working, please also update the firmware using the Datalooper Updater app (included in below package):

Use this build in conjunction with this updated configuration; make sure the config software reads version 2.6 (you may need to clear your cache):

Known issues:

  • On the bottom row of buttons, recording after ‘get new clip slot’ will also trigger a stop on a CL audio track.

Please report any bugs to the forum.

Latest Stable Build:

Previous Build:


Ableton Sets:

Fun Stuff

Here’s a Lo-Fi Drum Rack I made using an old ribbon mic + some nice DW drums.

Here’s an example project using the drum rack.


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Quantized vs. Unquantized

Technical Overview


New Session Mode


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