DataLooper Pedal

The Ultimate MIDI Foot Controller

DataLooper is a versatile MIDI Foot Controller with deep Ableton Live integration. It’s 12 buttons, RGB LEDs and 2 expression pedal inputs are completely programmable, making DataLooper the most flexible MIDI foot controller on the market.

DataLooper Revision 2 is back in stock! Orders will be shipped within 72 hours.

Uninterrupted Creative Flow

DataLooper is built to offer a streamlined experience for contemporary music making. It gives you all the power of a complicated hardware setup without the headaches of complicated wiring so you can focus on what’s important…the music.

  • Plug and play – Works out of the box with included Ableton .als files as a 9 track looper.
  • Intuitive visual feedback. 12 RGB LEDs give you all the info you need to have a seamless looping experience.
  • No Max4Live or additional software needed.
  • USB Powered
  • 28 User Presets

Deceptively Flexible

DataLooper is more that just an Ableton controller, it is a durable, lightweight, portable MIDI foot controller that can be used for anything from playing bass on an analog synth to optimizing your mixing workflow. It features an all aluminum, American made chassis with a durable powder coated finish, and weighs in at only 2 pounds. DataLooper measures 9.5″ x 6.5″ x 1.75″, making it small enough to fit in any backpack, but comfortable enough for the largest of feet. The latest revision (pictured) features 2 expression pedal inputs, a small screen and 5-pin MIDI in/out capabilities. There is no MIDI foot controller on the market as well built and versatile as DataLooper.

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    What are people saying about DataLooper?


    “This thing is simply amazing. Simplifies my entire workflow.”
    – Tropo


    “DataLooper is the heart of my entire looping rig.”
    – Porangui


    “DataLooper is an incredible new interface. Seamless looping and so much more. As a looping fiend, DataLooper is indispensible.”
    – Vir

    “Finally. Someone needed to make this thing years ago. A great solution to a common problem.”
    – Gryphene

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