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    When I’m running the datalooper though my usb hub, its able to receive (LEDs activate/change color) information, but it can only send commands to stop, not start clip recording.
    When I plug directly into a USB port the datalooper functions correctly.

    My USB hub is a cheap one. If I need to buy a new one, is there a specific feature I should be looking for to ensure compatibility?



    I don’t know about the tech spec requirements etc, but I’ve been using this one successfully with DataLooper:



    The DataLooper LEDs do draw a decent amount of power so do keep that in mind when using a hub; either use a powered hub, or a 4-port non-powered connected to a USB 3.0 computer port (USB 3 ports put out like twice the power compared to USB 2). I use this one with a USB 3 port and it works fine, even though it’s unpowered ( Also, keep in mind that whatever else is plugged into the hub is also drawing power, and there’s only so much wattage to go around if it’s an unpowered hub.

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