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    Hey all,
    I really dig this pedal it does exactly what I need it to do.
    I suspect this is more of an Ableton shortcoming, but am wondering if any of you have found a workaround.

    I record loops, over dub, delete, add more loops.
    When it comes to playback/rendering it seems to only render the last loop I record.
    I am trying to make “live”demos that I can shop around.
    But it is basically a different track to the one I made on the fly.
    Was wondering if anyone has found a workaround?
    Is there another way to record it outside of Ableton? The limitation being it will be harder/more time consuming to mix down
    Maybe use the “drag me”function for each new loop and record them into the arrangement as I go?
    What do others do?


    Hey All I think I have worked out the solution to this 🙂
    In Preferences/Record Warp Launch/ Record Session Automation in Make sure it is selected as “All Tracks” (Which is blue in my Live 10.1.18)
    This may be the default in Live and I may well have changed it to Armed Tracks at some stage in my setting up phase.
    Hope this helps someone out there who may have been baffled by it

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