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    I have been unable to get the Datalooper to work after updating to Ableton Live 11.1.

    – Downloaded the 3.0 package from the Resources page
    – Ran the Datalooper.pkg installer
    – Updated the Firmware (REV-2-DataLooper Firmware-07-05-2021.hex)
    – Connected to the Datalooper config and synced Vertical template
    – Opened a new project in Live, named an audio track CL#1
    – Press button #9 on datalooper and recording does not start.

    I can see the Midi track in indicator lights up when i press buttons on datalooper
    Datalooper shows as connected in Ableton preferences

    Another strange thing is when pressing Button #12 Datalooper cycles to preset 2 but the LED stays on and I cant go to preset 3 if I press again.

    Im not totally sure if the firmware update completed successfully. I ran the executable in the 3.0 package which opened the Firmware update window. in the Terminal I could see the status of the update. It sent a reset command, and the lights on the datalooper blinked but there was no more terminal output so I closed the terminal and it ended the session. The Datalooper installer did not copy the firmware and installer to the Applications folder, It looked like it copied the remote script there as it had the same .py files in Applications/Datalooper as /Applications/Ableton Live 11 Remote Scripts.


    Hmmm, are you certain you’ve flashed the correct firmware? I haven’t had any issues on 11.1. Also, does the Datalooper blink when transport is running (indicating the remote script is connected)? Also…is the remote script showing up next to input + output in the Ableton midi prefs?


    Thank you! I didn’t have the remote script selected next to input + output in the Ableton midi prefs. It is working now.

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