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    Hello Vince,

    Just wanted to let you know that I went through the initial set up. The loop template works just as it should right off the bat. So, that was great. I might be having an issue with CL#1 etc assigns. The documentation says: by default a long press will cue the next slot for recording. I have not been able to make that happen.

    Next, just a few questions: Since we can add loopers to the template, I was going to add a few midi channels. These would take up presets 4 and 5.

    I want to begin programming CL#s on preset 6. Can I still name the first switch of preset 6 CL#1?

    When using CL#s the middle button (stop/clear) seems only to clear.

    When hitting the solo button, all switches light blue, but non solos.

    Any guidance would be appreciated.

    Thank you.


    Hi! I believe I responded to this question via email, let me know if you still have issues.

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