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     Grant Gordon

    I might be going skits here, but wouldn’t it be cool if you could duplicate a clip (simulate a cmd-d) into the next vertical slot? That way you could build different scenes on top of the same drum loop (or whatever) then launch different sections of the track with one click of the scene selector.


    I’m not sure that’s possible with an audio clip due to API restrictions, but I think it’s possible to do that with MIDI clips. How would that be implemented? Just a dedicated control for ‘duplicate clip’, which would copy the clip that you’re currently working with?

     Grant Gordon

    Yes that’s what I was thinking, a clip-only option in the config software. I’d put it on a long press for each loop, you’d press it on the loop you want to duplicate, maybe the LED would blink once, and now you know that clip also exists in the next scene, from there you could build other grooves on top of the same clip without ever stopping the beat (or bassline or whatever) and switch between them through one button scene selecting instead of a clip-launching riverdance. I figured since it’s a menu command (both audio and midi clips) it would be available in the API but then again I have no idea what is or isn’t available in the API, so it might not be worth it if it’s a pain. I could assign a cmd-d keystroke through Bomes if needed. Thanks for considering it!

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