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    We had our first gig w/ the DataLooper. It went really well!

    We had one glitch, which may be confusing to type out, so feel free to ask for clarification.

    8 songs in to the set, Tom recorded his vocal part for the chorus of our track called Devil Outta Neville.

    The idea was:
    1. Pull down the fader on the vocal looper (to mute the vocal looper)
    2. Record the first chorus
    3. Play back (muted), and stop at any point before the second chorus
    4. Turn up the volume on the stopped vocal looper
    5. Trigger the looper at the next chorus to sing along to the prior chorus’ recording

    I’m not sure what happened, but at 3:19 you can see Tom trigger the recording of the vocal.
    He plays it back, and you can see that he thought it was stopped instead of playing: so he pulled the fader up at 3:44.

    You can hear the chorus being sung and he quickly pulls the fader and stops the loop.

    The next time around at 4:28, he plays the vocal loop, but for some reason it starts playing back the recording from two tracks ago. I stop the loop at 4:33.

    Now here comes the weird part. It starts working correctly…

    At 5:03, Tom triggers the vocal looper again, and for some reason it starts playing the correct loop. Does anyone have any thoughts on why this happened?

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