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    today I picked up the DATALooper pedal at the customs office (in germany). Thanks a lot for your work, Vince. It worked with Ableton out of the box nicely.
    One question: I want to use the footcontroller as a MIDI device, but I only get SysEx by pushing the switches on the USB-Port. Is there a preset to get CC´s?


    Yes. You can configure the DataLooper to send any type of MIDI message using the config software ( I put together a config preset that you can flash on the device that is an effects controller (can get here, which basically just sends out CC toggle messages on 3 presets. The right most column toggles between the presets. I hope that works for you!


    Thanks a lot, I will give it try.
    Can I load it in preset No. 30 – 32, I want to have the Ableton Looper in P1 – P3, or do I have to program by myself in the default-preset?
    Anyway I will study your CC-Presets and I will see how far i can get.


    Yes, you can, however there was a bug recently found that I’m fixing in the config software where if you don’t create your presets sequentially (for example, if you start your program at preset 4 and leave 1-3 blank), it will cause a configuration error. So, ideally, use 1-3 as looper preset, then 4-6 as CC presets.

     duarte pereira

    hello Vince,

    I’m trying to grasp the potential of what the DataLooper can do.
    I’m not new to these languages..but i am new to Ableton, bare with me :

    One of the pedal’s limitations, only featuring 9 switches (3 patches).
    That will make one have to surrender a couple of footswitches, if one wants to control other things, within the DAW platform.
    Button #0 config..sort of deals with this, right ..allowing us different commands, by way of different inputs.. correct ?

    If i want to control
    a) – some of the transport (i’ve seen you answer this on another thread.. i just dont know which one) inputs.. ;
    b) – trigger a few effects through MIDI (eg. guitar amps&fx on the iPad, or Ableton)
    c) – and still maintain most of the Looping features

    i will have to make use of the 40 patches, right ?
    So i would probably assign :
    a) to patch 4 to 6
    b) to patch 7 to 9
    c) to patch 1 to 3

    Is my line of thinking logical…. or am i completely out of wack, here ?

    Thanks very much

    PS: I want a pedal that will allow me to NOT look at the PC screen as much as possbile, and never have to touch the mouse..
    So ..jumping&toggling between clips…scenes… recording those.. Transport playback.. Transport STOP, toggling between tracks..arming tracks..

    PSS: a very basic one :
    which switches toggle between banks/patches?
    Lets say.. i wanna jump from bank #1 (1 to 3) to bank #5 (13 to 15).. Where do i step on ?


    It sounds like what you want is pretty achievable in about 3-4 presets. Each preset represents a complete set of instructions for the set of 12 buttons. It is really just a matter of deciding how you want to change presets and then filling in the rest of the buttons with commands.

    One option: dedicate 2 buttons to preset up/down (beta 1.1 feature) and then each preset has 10 available buttons for commands (transport, fx controls, loop controls, etc.)

    Option 2: use the effects controller script as a starting point, which is a 3 preset cc toggle, but then change preset 2 to all transport commands and preset 3 to all looping commands.

    Option 3: use an alternative device to switch presets (lemur, another midi controller) by sending datalooper program change messages. This way none of the buttons have to be use to control preset selection.

    Hopefully that’s helpful. I could also build out a custom template if you are specific about exactly how you want it.

     duarte pereira

    Hi Vince,

    thanks very much for the thorough and yet clear, reply.

    Lemur could work..although i am not familiar with it. I’ve got Audiobus 3, which i am sure should work, if Lemur does. (right ?)
    But,.. (as you said) that would mean i would have to, either use a 2nd pedal, or have sth else like an APC mini, or APC 40.. or whatever.. serving me as a 2nd midi controller interface.

    Ideally, a simple footswitch, like a Boss FS6 or sth switch presets up & down..would do the i’d rather keep it in the pedal board.
    Not taking up the DataLooper’s available fooswitches is my main concern, here. And, naturally, speed of operation, as well.
    The DataLooper doesn’t feature footswith I/O , does it ?
    So i guess.. adding an extra pedal/midi controller seems to being the most solid & straightforward solution, here, would you agree ?

    PS: i have left a msg on the Showcase thread, about shipping to Europe AND having a friend getting the DataLooper for me, while on vacations, there in the US, soon.
    If you are able to give me some feedback on that too, i’d really appreciate it.
    thanks again!

     duarte pereira

    Hi Vince/everyone,

    I have been thinking.. about this Presets Issue..
    and your suggestion, Vince :

    Hopefully that’s helpful. I could also build out a custom template if you are specific about exactly how you want it.

    What about combinations of footswitches??
    Like.. a couple of footswitches pressed at the same time…

    We’ve got 12 footswitches.
    3 rows (ABC)
    4 columns (1234)

    What if you pressed :
    _ A1 + A2 for bank down ?
    _ A3 + A4 for bank up ?

    That way one wouldn’t take up ANY footswitch, in order to toggle between Presets/banks.
    I believe you might program that in, pretty easily, right ?

    What do you reckon ?


    Detecting footswitch combinations is an idea I toyed around with as well but never really felt was ergonomic enough to offer much benefit. This is something that is possible to implement, but would require fairly major code changes in all three aspects of the project (microcontroller, ableton and config software). It’s possible that I could attempt a beta implementation for 1.2. The tricky thing about footswitch combinations is that no matter what, the timing of the press is slightly different, meaning that the two footswitches that are pressed individually also have their ‘single’ press state triggered. This presents a pain in the ass. One other idea is to use two dataloopers, one as a preset switcher (12 presets), and one as the actual controller. This would give you 12 easily accessible presets. Alternatively, I was thinking about making a little add-on that would plug in via the MIDI port and give you a small 8-digit LCD screen to indicate preset number. Then you could just have 2 buttons dedicated to preset +/-


    @ admin,
    a extension via the MIDI-port would be great!

     duarte pereira

    “Detecting footswitch combinations is an idea I toyed around with as well but never really felt was ergonomic enough to offer much benefit.”

    i hear you, as it was the 1st thing i thought about. I actually operate my boss RC-50 mostly in bare feet.. so i know i probably wouldn’t be able to successfully pull a double foot switch while not wearing soles.. Those double single-presses would probably happen pretty often.

    1. i believe it ought to be a good feature, even if you do it only after the midi extension, you alluded to.
    i’m with @klangschmied , here..
    It WOULD! be a pretty good idea. 😉 And i am sure more ppl would agree, once they know about this thread.

    It would be good for us users.. and good for the pedal..which would gain a 2nd visual output.. which, in my opinion would be of great value for the product..!

    2. i have thought about that Lemur approach you talked about.. Initially, i wasn’t actually considering that the Datalooper sends MIDI over its i was thinking of the pedal as a single I/O unit..through the MIDI port. zzzzz.. 8|
    With the MIDI I/O on the DataLooper, i could use a 3rd party approach, either software, or even hardware, connected to it, in order to expand the pedal. i’m thinking a pedal routed through the iPad (hence the Lemur option you referred to).
    Hell..i am thinking i could even go with a bluetooth pedal..

    3. this takes me to the 2nd datalooper subject.
    have you got any idea on wether it would be possible to ship the pedal to a hotel address..?
    i have got a family member that is going to the US in a couple of days_ Orlando & NY. i want to have him bring me the pedal, because i know, customs here in Portugal will! be a pain.. not to mention, expensive!
    I don’t have the guts to ask him to bring me 2 units.. 😐
    Pls get back to me, if you’ve got any info on this i want to plan the logistics well.


    Regarding shipping to a hotel, that’s not a problem as long as you call the hotel first. Also, since its east coast, account for about 5 days transit time unless you specify a faster method.

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