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    The web configure can’t read the current configuration of my datalooper. The buttons in the configure dosen’t respond, even if the USB-symbol is lit green. The only way to make it respond is if I open a previously saved document. I’m then not able to customise any other presets than the first, since if I change to another preset, there is no longer contact.

    MacOs Monterey using Chrome.

    Another question. Is there a list showing all the presets and what they do?



    Hi Erik. I am having a similar problem. I am using Monterey 12.5.1.

    I can not see my current config, if I reset the firmware and the default setting it will only record on channel 1 of the looper or I get all the red lights at once and then have to start over.



    Hi Erik. Did you get it working? I just get the full blast of all the red lights.


    Also I can not login using Chrome. It just hangs. I can login using Safari but the Config doesn’t work.


    Hi guys, it sounds like maybe there are a few things going on. 1. Currently, there’s no way to read current presets; the config software is one way, from Chrome to the pedal. 2. It sounds like there’s some issue flashing configs if it’s hanging on red lights; the expected behavior is that the lights all turn red while flashing, then turn green. I’ve just updated the default config file; try uploading the new one (on the resource page) and see if you still get that issue. Regarding not being able to log in, are you visiting this page? (

    There are some issues with backwards compatibility on the config software that are real tricky to pin down, but everything should work with the latest config files. If you still have issues, feel free to email me directly at

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