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     duarte pereira

    Hello everyone, and congrats Vince, on the pedal

    I live in Portugal, and therefor i am concerned about shipping costs..and customs, ..namely the latter.

    1.Have you gius got any idea on how much that will incur me ??
    Any europenas.. here ?

    2. I have a friend that’s going to the US, pretty soon.

    Would he be able to get the DataLooper delivered to his hotel, while staying there?
    I guess that would probably be cheaper, for me.. right ?

    thanks !


    @ Duarte,
    in germany I had to pay at the custom 2,7% custom fee and 19% VAT rate from the overall price (including shipping). Hope it helps.

     duarte pereira

    Hi! ,

    2.7% is alright.. although i’m pretty sure its gonna be more, over here..
    Thanks very much 😉


    overall it is ~ 22% of the item including shipping.

     duarte pereira

    VAT is 23% down south, my German friend. 😉

    But that…. is a given.
    Customs..on the other hand… is a freakin lottery.. most of the times..
    I really hate importing things..directly from overseas.

    Thanks again !


    One rarely custom experience:
    Recently I ordered a HC-TT from Landscape, the custom refused to give it to me and send it back to the producer, because it was not EU-conform (Powersupply, manual etc.), I had to pay delivery cost for nothing.
    This was the first time, otherwise I have good experience.

     duarte pereira

    That is one of the reason why i want to know if i might be able to ask this friend of mine that’s going to the states next week, if he might have the DataLooper delivered to his hotel, while he’s there, on vacation..

    I assume it should be possible. Anyone?
    Any American here..? 😛
    I think my friend is going to Florida.. but i am not sure.

    Could i just buy the pedal online here, and have it delivered at his hotel, over there ?

    Thanks !

    PS: I have had several experiences with Customs, over here.. and most of them were crap.
    So.. i try NOT to import american gear, directly.


    You can definitely buy the pedal online, have it shipped to a hotel and have a friend bring it into the country. Just hit me up when you have a friend in the states and we can work it out.

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