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     Joe Howlett


    It’s not really a bug, but it is something I’m having issues with.

    I have various different audio tracks using the same microphone input.
    I am trying to put different effects on the different tracks so that I can use the same mic and just my voice to create different kinds of sounds, for example:
    CL#1 – Compressor, EQ, Reverb
    CL#2 – Compressor, EQ, Octaver
    CL#3 – Compressor, EQ, Delay

    However, I am having trouble with the monitoring – I am hearing all of the effects of all the tracks at the same time because all of the tracks are armed and the monitoring is set to auto. If I turn the monitoring off and only monitor the selected track, this is slowing everything down because I can no longer control everything from the pedal – I have to use the mouse to change the monitoring status of tracks every time I record a loop.

    Is there a way to automatically monitor only the track which is currently being recorded on, as opposed to monitoring all the tracks which are armed?
    If not, is there a way to automatically record-arm only the track which is currently being recorded?

    I tried turning the monitoring off and using ‘sends only’ to send all of the tracks to a return track, the problem is then that I get no monitoring at all when I am actually recording the track.

    I appreciate if anyone can help with this.




    Hi Joe, I’ve thought about this a bit and I think the following solution would work well for what you want.

    I think it may be best to dedicate some of the buttons on the DataLooper to doing the track or chain switching.

    I would personally put all the different FX sets on different chains inside an Audio Effects Rack, then reprogram the DataLooper to send out control changes.

    You would map 3 of the DataLooper buttons to the same CC, and then the lights will automatically turn on/off depending on the last value sent.

    This way, you can use the DataLooper to select which FX bank you want to be on, then record loops, without dealing with a computer. I use this same sort of thing to switch presets for guitar FX.

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