Hi, I’ve been spending some time trying to boil this down to something repeatable. Here’s what I’ve come up with.

Edit the “Datalooper Vertical” config so that the upper right button long press action is CHANGE MODE: CLIP LAUNCHER instead of new session, and change the startup mode in global settings to Clip Launcher.

Open the Live 10 demo live set (tour of live -> click here to load live set). Datalooper displays CLIP and the LEDs reflect tracks 1-3, clips 1-3 (for Live 10 it’s Trk1:Clip1,2,3 blue; Trk2:Clip2,3 blue; Trk3:Clip2 pink). However, no session ring appears.

Press Trk1:Clip1 – starts playing, LED is flashing in time. Still no session ring. Press lower right button to bring session ring down once, session ring appears on screen, highlighting clips 2-4. But nothing on datalooper is changed. The upper left LED is still flashing in time, and all other LEDs also still indicate clips 1-3. Go back up to highlighting clips 1-3, all LEDs still unchanged.

Taking it a step further, click stop all clips on the screen. Press the upper right button to go to New Session Mode. Long Press upper right button to return to Clip Launcher Mode. All LEDs reflect clips 1-3. Launch Trk1:Clip1 again, and move the session ring down again. This time, all the other LEDs do shift, but the upper left LED is still flashing as though it’s still tied to Clip1, even though the session ring is highlighting clips 2-4.

Those are the only repeatable things I can figure out – it gets unpredictable quickly when I start moving the session ring around a lot more and switching modes back and forth.

It’s worth noting that I had no other control surfaces connected while running this test, and the datalooper was connected directly to my laptop using the cable that came with the unit.


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