Thanks, that did help a bit to delete the extra input tracks. I also reduced the number of looper tracks that have input from the instrument group. I assigned specific instruments to 1 – 3 DL## tracks to reduce duplicate sounds.

Sound from the Instrument group goes to both the Master and to the looper channels (DL#1 or #2 etc or even all of them if armed) while playing the instrument / input , so there is still a louder volume when I am playing the instrument than when just the loop is playing.

I think this is an Ableton issue (or, I can’t figure out how to send an instrument / input to the group of loopers but not the Master. It seems an input can only be sent to the Master, the group it’s in or a single other track like DL#1 or DL#2 (but not both of them) not a Data Looper issue but I appreciate the help trying to navigate the template!


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