2 ideas here:

One alternative to the arm/disarm is to have your guitar track (with no looper on it), then 3 separate looper tracks, with the loopers set to never pass audio (the option in the lower right corner). This way, the loop tracks only pass audio when a loop is loaded. If looper tracks have specific fx or gain structure stuff, you can put that in the original instrument track in an audio fx rack, then use a control change message (non-toggling) to switch between chains. This has the advantage of having the LED display which fx bank you are on.

Option 2 is to keep doing things the way you are and use control change messages (non-toggling). On each button, you’d send 3 messages, 2 CC off and one CC on. The CC offs would disarm the unwanted tracks, the CC on would arm the desired track. This method has the advantage of a nice looking session after recording is complete.

Hope that helps!


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