duarte pereira

“Detecting footswitch combinations is an idea I toyed around with as well but never really felt was ergonomic enough to offer much benefit.”

i hear you, as it was the 1st thing i thought about. I actually operate my boss RC-50 mostly in bare feet.. so i know i probably wouldn’t be able to successfully pull a double foot switch while not wearing soles.. Those double single-presses would probably happen pretty often.

1. i believe it ought to be a good feature, even if you do it only after the midi extension, you alluded to.
i’m with @klangschmied , here..
It WOULD! be a pretty good idea. 😉 And i am sure more ppl would agree, once they know about this thread.

It would be good for us users.. and good for the pedal..which would gain a 2nd visual output.. which, in my opinion would be of great value for the product..!

2. i have thought about that Lemur approach you talked about.. Initially, i wasn’t actually considering that the Datalooper sends MIDI over its USB..so i was thinking of the pedal as a single I/O unit..through the MIDI port. zzzzz.. 8|
With the MIDI I/O on the DataLooper, i could use a 3rd party approach, either software, or even hardware, connected to it, in order to expand the pedal. i’m thinking a pedal routed through the iPad (hence the Lemur option you referred to).
Hell..i am thinking i could even go with a bluetooth pedal..

3. this takes me to the 2nd datalooper subject.
have you got any idea on wether it would be possible to ship the pedal to a hotel address..?
i have got a family member that is going to the US in a couple of days_ Orlando & NY. i want to have him bring me the pedal, because i know, customs here in Portugal will! be a pain.. not to mention, expensive!
I don’t have the guts to ask him to bring me 2 units.. 😐
Pls get back to me, if you’ve got any info on this matter..as i want to plan the logistics well.


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