Detecting footswitch combinations is an idea I toyed around with as well but never really felt was ergonomic enough to offer much benefit. This is something that is possible to implement, but would require fairly major code changes in all three aspects of the project (microcontroller, ableton and config software). It’s possible that I could attempt a beta implementation for 1.2. The tricky thing about footswitch combinations is that no matter what, the timing of the press is slightly different, meaning that the two footswitches that are pressed individually also have their ‘single’ press state triggered. This presents a pain in the ass. One other idea is to use two dataloopers, one as a preset switcher (12 presets), and one as the actual controller. This would give you 12 easily accessible presets. Alternatively, I was thinking about making a little add-on that would plug in via the MIDI port and give you a small 8-digit LCD screen to indicate preset number. Then you could just have 2 buttons dedicated to preset +/-


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