duarte pereira

Hi Vince,

thanks very much for the thorough and yet clear, reply.

Lemur could work..although i am not familiar with it. I’ve got Audiobus 3, which i am sure should work, if Lemur does. (right ?)
But,.. (as you said) that would mean i would have to, either use a 2nd pedal, or have sth else like an APC mini, or APC 40.. or whatever.. serving me as a 2nd midi controller interface.

Ideally, a simple footswitch, like a Boss FS6 or sth similar..to switch presets up & down..would do the trick..as i’d rather keep it in the pedal board.
Not taking up the DataLooper’s available fooswitches is my main concern, here. And, naturally, speed of operation, as well.
The DataLooper doesn’t feature footswith I/O , does it ?
So i guess.. adding an extra pedal/midi controller seems to being the most solid & straightforward solution, here, would you agree ?

PS: i have left a msg on the Showcase thread, about shipping to Europe AND having a friend getting the DataLooper for me, while on vacations, there in the US, soon.
If you are able to give me some feedback on that too, i’d really appreciate it.
thanks again!


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