It sounds like what you want is pretty achievable in about 3-4 presets. Each preset represents a complete set of instructions for the set of 12 buttons. It is really just a matter of deciding how you want to change presets and then filling in the rest of the buttons with commands.

One option: dedicate 2 buttons to preset up/down (beta 1.1 feature) and then each preset has 10 available buttons for commands (transport, fx controls, loop controls, etc.)

Option 2: use the effects controller script as a starting point, which is a 3 preset cc toggle, but then change preset 2 to all transport commands and preset 3 to all looping commands.

Option 3: use an alternative device to switch presets (lemur, another midi controller) by sending datalooper program change messages. This way none of the buttons have to be use to control preset selection.

Hopefully that’s helpful. I could also build out a custom template if you are specific about exactly how you want it.


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