Hi. A couple of things to check out. 1st, there was a bug found that would get the LEDs in an incorrect state if the record arm of the looper tracks was turned on and off while a loop was playing. This has been fixed if you re-download and install the current remote script (resources page)…that could have been what you are seeing. The script resets the loops when the session is open, so it shouldn’t be that, as the loops should be clear when the session opens. Also, if you are using some other control surface to clear the loops, the LED will incorrectly turn blue. Ableton doesn’t differentiate between a clear and a stop state, so you need to use the pedal for clear/stop to be properly tracked. Also, I believe the mute button is lit when the tracks are not muted….opening the default session up, the mute button should be lit. The mute state you’re discussing sounds like a separate issue.

Regarding the mute; the script does assume that on session open the tracks are unmuted, and will send an ‘unmute’ command the first time it’s hit. I suppose I could scan the state of the linked tracks upon session open if that’s causing confusion. Is that what you’re running into?


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