I’m not 100% sure of the cause, but it usually seems to be after a break in our rehearsals. I usually record the rehearsals in Arrangement view, so possibly something about stopping arrangement view is causing it? Or maybe saving? I usually save at the break in the rehearsal.

I may even close and re-open Ableton at the breaks, so that could be a cause. I’ll have to try all those scenarios to see.

Whatever the cause, the result is that when we start rehearsals again after a break, the loopers appear to all be empty (white LED). We’ll go to record our first guitar loop in, and it’ll turn Green and start playing whatever loop we had recorded last. Then we’ll realize and test the others, and usually there are a few that should be indicating Blue instead of White LEDs.

Also, the Mute button seems to be triggered after breaks. The Mute Light will incorrectly be lit (which usually means Mute is turned off).
However when we press the mute button, it unmutes the tracks and stays lit.

We’re never sure if we just hit it by mistake and didn’t realize, but it seems unlikely to happen so often. Also, the incorrect LED indicator makes it particularly tough to troubleshoot where we’re going wrong.

Again, this is all usually after a break in rehearsal.



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