Hey guys, I think I have a fix for you. Try out the new config and 3.1 beta remote script (also update the firmware). This was a fairly complicated problem, and had to do with the default vertical config sending out multiple commands depending on the press/release state. This update adds a few things:

1. You can now save your config files from the config software without having to re-download a new file.
2. There is now a ‘none’ action in looper actions, allowing you to only trigger an action when the looper is playing
3. Fades work more reliably, and don’t require a utility device on the track any more.
4. CL tracks should be fully working again, with this template.

One issue I haven’t solved yet (it’s complicated) is that after getting a new clip slot, the main recording button will trigger a stop if it’s an audio track. The workaround is to just not use ‘get new clip slot’ with a CL audio track, and just record into a new slot using the overdub command. I’ll try to work out a better fix for this soon. Thanks for your patience. It’s been a busy busy few months with my other work.

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